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1. LED Screen Solution for Stage Background---LED Stage Display Screen

 Evershine has always been a leading LED display solution supplier for stage show.We launched a lot of rental series for indoor and outdoor applications.Evershine¡¯s products are compatible with different application areas with its newly developed display technologies.Our products have big advantages in full-color design,easy installation,fast maintenance and convenient to shape the screen.

Appliance of stage background  LED display and LED curtain display
 Used for super big and clearly direct broadcasting of competitions. It break the limits of seats and make the far away watching easier and make the audience a sense of on spot.
 Re-broadcasting of wonderful scene, slow action, close-up, special background can exert the play to a highest artistic.
 The combination of vivid scene and shocking music can create a very magnificent and modern scene.

2. LED Stage Display Screen Solution---LED Gild Display Screen

Introduction of products appliance
 Evershine grid screen  is the unique light, thin and transparent products which is developed for stage background, bar and building decoration.
 Evershine grid screen is a series of light, thin and transparent classical products: 0.6*1.2m unit weight is only 3kg, maximum thickness is 40mm, transparent rate up to 80%.
 This series has shown its unique charm on the TV stage, pub entertainment and so on. It's scene is just like the canvas. The perspective effect is just like the fairyland. The abstract scene can create the dreaming color. This products is easy for installation and can resist wind and rain. It is used for big area of scene creating and color changing. It is the main and most effective element for digital stage and pub.
Evershine grid screen  series is the best choice for stage background, pub entertainment and building decoration.
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