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Traffic led Screen for advantage
1.High brightness: All adopt Taiwan wafer chip,take the form of concentrate transportation standard,ultra-high
brightness and chroma uniformity.
2.Low power consumption: low consumption LED is in accordance with  Low carbon ,
environmental protection and energy saving standard.
3.Long lifespan: Brand Wafer chip could guarantee the quality
4.Brightness control: automatically controlled by light sensor or manual
voltage stability control: Circuit design for voltage stability, protection of LED light-emitting diodes
andinternal circuit
luminance proportion: Has a balanced current circuit and a specially designed optical components,
special uniform glow
5.Aging test: Product shipped after 48-hour aging,Waterproof, vibration test, etc to make the performance
more superior
6.Protection rate: IP54,Waterproof and dust proof design
7.Material structure: Using high hardness of cold rolled iron, black anti-corrosion paint material,
new structure design, beautiful shape
carried standard: in accordance with GB/14887-2003 and related international standard

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